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Chief Executive Officer

Entrepreneurial by nature, Eric Diaz founded TOR-TOLL LLC d/b/a TorToll in February 2019. Having an extensive violations & insurance claims background, he has leveraged his arbitration skills to successfully resolve disputes. He has served as a subrogation, payment recovery, and arbitration specialist. His past experience includes serving as a consultant for administrative hearings held at The New York City Department of Finance and The New York City Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings, resulting in successful dismissals with hundreds of cases for his clients.

Eric Diaz is an effective communicator with exceptional relationship management skills. From inception, his deep commitment and unique approach is focused on making customer satisfaction his top priority. He truly cares about his clients and has established lasting relationships. They have placed their trust in him and he has their best interests at heart.  He has served as a trusted source of advice, professional representation, and strategic planning. Eric holds a Bachelor of Arts in Judicial Studies from John Jay College of Criminal Justice at The City University of New York (May 2012).

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Chief Experience Officer

Cynthia Balchi has over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry focusing on client satisfaction and building strong relationships with customers and increasing their lifetime value. Cynthia has years of experience working closely with customers, and has had the unique opportunity to hear feedback directly from the source. She has exhibited an unparalleled ability to relay the customer's perspectives to other managers and executives by helping to close the gap between the company and customer and overall, providing a better experience for customers by letting their voice be heard. Cynthia joined TorToll early on and has been a critical asset to our company ever since. She is happy to answer your tolling dispute questions — don’t hesitate to be in touch.

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Chief Financial Officer

Anthony Fiorenza has prior work experience in the financial district of New York City. He has served as a financial analyst and project manager while initiating and securing marketing contracts and legal settlements with some of America's largest financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies. Anthony has built complex financial models, writing white papers, and slide decks while consulting with diverse clients and executives globally. He also co-founded QuantifyCrypto, a crypto-currency block chain mining consultant and portfolio management service. Anthony holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from The University of Buffalo at The State University of New York (May 2015).

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HR/Learning & Development Director

Sheila Izzard brings over 15 years of experience to the TorToll Team. She is an innovative and creative HR professional with experience in talent management, recruiting, training, and performance management. She is recognized for her ability to partner with leadership to align talent development strategies with business needs to achieve performance goals, lead organizational change, engage employees, and solidify brand loyalty. She specializes in training program design, workforce planning, coaching and advice. Her success is a direct result of her passion for people, culture, leadership and service, as well as her ability to blend understanding, learning, practical application, operational effectiveness, and organizational value into tangible results.



Customer Experience Advocate

Carmen Roldan has 20 years of experience in customer advocacy & service with a focal point of client satisfaction and retention. She has an unwavering commitment for helping others that is distinct and paramount to the values of TorToll. Carmen is fluent in Spanish and holds an Associates Degree in Business Technology from Monroe College (May 2007).

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